Niche A Genetics Survival Free PC Game Download Full Version

Niche A Genetics Survival Free PC Game Download Full Version

Niche A Genetics Survival Download In the field of video games, there are few genres as intriguing and intellectually stimulating as those dealing with evolution and genetics. Imagine a game where you can influence the fate of a species, control its genetic makeup through generations, and help it survive in a hostile world. Type “Niche: A Genetic Survival.” Niche is not your typical video game. It’s not about earning points, defeating enemies, or conquering levels. Instead, it offers a unique and educational experience focused on genetics and evolution. In this game, you are tasked with helping species adapt and survive through generations. Your main goal is to ensure the survival of your species, but the path you choose is entirely up to you. However, the game also features challenges like predators, changing seasons, and limited resources that force players to think critically about their choices.

At the beginning of the game, you will be introduced to little creatures. These creatures have different genetic traits, from physical traits to behavioral tendencies. Your first task is to choose which creatures you want to mate with to produce offspring. This is where genetics comes into play. Creatures that mate with desirable traits Niche A Genetics Survival those traits on to their offspring, gradually shaping the genetic makeup of their species. Do you want your creatures to be fast runners, excellent swimmers, or skilled food gatherers? The choice is yours but think about the environment. As players explore procedurally generated islands, they must make crucial decisions to ensure the survival of their species. Breeding is an important mechanism where players strategically combine nickels with desired traits to increase the chances of producing strong offspring.

Niche A Genetics Survival PC Game Download

The game world is not a static place. It is full of different biomes, each with its unique challenges and opportunities. As you progress, your creatures will need to adapt to their environment. For example, if you are in a cold environment, developing a thicker coat may be beneficial. Improving climbing skills can be useful in a thick forest. However, customization comes at a price. Creatures with certain genetic traits may have a difficult time surviving in certain environments. For your sport to be successful anywhere, you need Niche Genetics Survival to strike a balance between specialization and versatility. In the vast landscape of video games, there are games that not only entertain but also educate and challenge gamers in innovative ways. Niche: A Genetics Survival is a remarkable example of a game that seamlessly blends elements of strategy, genetics, and survival into an immersive and educational experience.

Niche - a genetics survival game on Steam

Developed by Team Niche, the game has garnered attention due to its unique gameplay mechanics and how it explores genetics in the context of a virtual ecosystem. Niche: A Genetics Survival introduces players to a world where genetics play a key role in the survival of the species. Set in a beautifully designed environment, the game challenges players to guide creatures called Nickelings through the challenges of their evolving ecosystem. The objective is to adapt, reproduce, and ensure the survival of your species by making strategic decisions based on genetic traits and environmental conditions. Niche combines a turn-based strategy with genetic and survival elements. Players start with a small group of Nickelings, each with unique genetic traits that affect their abilities and interactions with the environment. These traits can range from physical traits, such as coat color and body shape, to innate abilities, such as digging or foraging.


Niche is essentially a turn-based strategy game about the survival of a tribe of creatures in a procedurally generated hostile environment. What sets it apart from other strategy games is its emphasis on genetics and evolution. Players must carefully manage their tribe’s genetic makeup and ensure they adapt to the ever-changing challenges of their environment. “Niche” impresses visually with its colorful and original art style. Although the creatures are simple in design, they have a certain charm that intrigues players with their unique genetic creations. The game’s aesthetic strikes a balance between realism and a playful, almost fairytale atmosphere.

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Genetics-Based Gameplay:

  • The core of “Niche” revolves around genetics. Players control a tribe of creatures and must manage their genetic makeup to ensure their survival. This involves breeding creatures with desirable traits and avoiding harmful mutations.

Procedurally Generated Worlds:

  • Each playthrough offers a new and unpredictable world. Islands are procedurally generated, providing a variety of challenges and opportunities for exploration.

Environmental Challenges:

  • The game world is harsh and unforgiving. Players must contend with changing seasons, predators, limited resources, and other environmental challenges. Adapting to these challenges is key to the tribe’s survival.

Niche - A Genetics Survival Game - OpenCritic

Turn-Based Strategy:

  • The gameplay is turn-based, allowing players to carefully plan their moves and make strategic decisions for their tribe. This turn-based system adds depth and complexity to the game.

Creature Variety:

  • “Niche” features a wide variety of creatures, each with its unique genetic makeup and traits. Players can selectively breed creatures to create offspring with specific traits suited to their environment.


  • When a creature dies, it’s gone for good. This adds a significant level of challenge and emotional investment to the game. Players must carefully manage their tribe to avoid extinction.

System Requirements:

  • CPU: Info
  • CPU SPEED: 2 GHz Dual Core
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • VIDEO CARD: nVidia® 8800 GT / AMD® 4670 or faster
  • OS: Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10



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