Halo 2 Anniversary Full PC Game + Torrent Latest Download

Halo 2 Anniversary Full PC Game + Torrent Latest Download

Halo 2: Anniversary on Steam


Halo 2 Anniversary Full PC Game a teenager used more than a week of savings to pick up a pirated disc from a kiosk owner for the first time. Back then, with limited resources, he could only choose the game, but we don’t know what we like. We can only guess by looking at the cover. Finally, he lured us into the beautifully packaged game in a long box. Remember that the cover is a green tank warrior and behind it is an enemy vehicle flying in the sky. In those days, the home computer was a silent guerrilla, and we could only touch it from time to time, usually with a password. Also on that random day, the teen picked up a game called “Halo Last Battle” from the pirate boss.

Halo 2 Anniversary Full PC Game + CODEX Download

Halo 2 Anniversary CODEX lengthy setup process, HALO’s classic vocal music resonates in your ears. The moment the mouse clicked into the game, the illustrated scene seemed to open the door to a new world! this “Halo Last Battle” really appealed to us. More than a teenager spent more than a week saving up to buy a pirated CD from a kiosk owner. He couldn’t afford to buy the game at the time. But we all know what we like. Based on the cover, we can only speculate. Ultimately, we were drawn to a well-packaged game in a roomy box. You will notice that there is a green tank warrior on the cover and an enemy vehicle flying in the sky behind him. The teenager also made a game called Halo Final Battle of a pirate boss on random days.

Halo 2 Anniversary Full PC Game + CPY Download

Halo 2 Anniversary Torrent between the roles of a human commander and an alien intermediary in the 25th-century conflict between the United Nations human space command and the Genocidal League. Players use a combination of human and alien weapons and vehicles to progress through the game’s levels. The player’s health bar is not visible, but players are equipped with a shield that absorbs damage and regenerates when not on fire. Halo 2: Anniversary will appear after the next installation of Halo. A flash of blue light and an explosion scene, no less than two installation CDs.

Halo 2 Anniversary CPY for PC is the flawless remastered version of the first game of Halo 2. After the destruction of Halo, humanity faces a short-lived triumph. Seeking revenge, the Alliance launches a surprise attack on Earth, but ill-prepared to face the UNSC Home Fleet, they are forced to flee in a spaceship. Each time the boss goes after his overzealous enemies, they find another Halo Ring and uncover long-buried secrets, including an unlikely ally who will fundamentally change the course of the conflict between Halo 2 Anniversary and the federation forever.

Halo 2: Anniversary (for PC) Review | PCMag

System Requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 7:
  • Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 960T; Intel i3550:
  • Graphics: AMD HD 6850; NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450:
  • DirectX. Option 11:
  • After network – broadband internet connection
  • Storage: 55 GB available space



How To Install?

  • Game Download:
  • Extract with Winrar or Winzip
  • Run the installation և install it
  • Play և enjoy

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